Victoria and Aleksandr have had a nice story before wedding. They knew each other from the childhood and now friendship turned into love.The bride arrived from Russia just two days before the wedding. The ceremony and further photo session were both full of quiet love and serenity. After that we were by the Baltic see taking pictures and also hanging a lock as a symbol of the timeless love. As the groom is the professional naval mariner we went to the old ship called Suur Tõll. This name comes from Estonian epos. But I find the couple looks there like a Hollywood star:)

VA_1 VA_2 VA_3 VA_10 VA_12a VA_15 VA_23 VA_35a VA_37 VA_38 VA_56 VA_58 VA_60 VA_96 VA_120 VA_123 VA_128 VA_134 VA_144 VA_146 VA_147 VA_149a VA_153 VA_156 VA_165 VA_175 VA_176 VA_178 VA_181a VA_200 VA_201 VA_202 VA_206 VA_216 VA_234 VA_237

VA_241 VA_243 VA_244 VA_246 VA_248 VA_254 VA_255 VA_259 VA_275 VA_279 VA_286a VA_295 VA_300 VA_312 VA_314 VA_318a VA_321a VA_324 VA_328 VA_330 VA_332


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Photographer: Tanja Anisimova