I was dreaming to shoot a traditional wedding. So it came true this Winter. This was the coldest day of this Winter, the thermometer shown – 21 C. Shefige and Nasimi met 4 years ago in Baku where lives the groom. The bride is from Tallinn, so they started to write to each other and meet in Summers. Azerbaijani wedding was really interesting to see because of  national traditions. Shefige and Nasimi were fumigated with some special herbs, the house was decorated with red cloths and angels on it – they say it wards off evil spirits. The wedding hosted 400 guests but was there was no rings’ exchange  as this was only a women wedding. The girl becomes an adult and as a sign of saying “goodbye” to the childhood she becomes a big toy. After this women wedding the couple will got to the capital of Azerbaijani Baku in order to take part in a real wedding with the rings etc.

Shefige_1 Shefige_5 Shefige_9 Shefige_16 Shefige_24 Shefige_30 Shefige_52 Shefige_57 Shefige_70 Shefige_79 Shefige_83 Shefige_84 Shefige_85 Shefige_105 Shefige_108 Shefige_109 Shefige_117 Shefige_121 Shefige_124 Shefige_127 Shefige_141 Shefige_156 Shefige_166 Shefige_172 Shefige_179 Shefige_190 Shefige_196 Shefige_198 Shefige_203 Shefige_208 Shefige_242 Shefige_250 Shefige_257 Shefige_261 Shefige_263 Shefige_267 Shefige_280 Shefige_281 Shefige_285 Shefige_286 Shefige_289 Shefige_296 Shefige_302 Shefige_306 Shefige_310 Shefige_311 Shefige_312 Shefige_315 Shefige_328 Shefige_331  Shefige_342 Shefige_348 Shefige_349 Shefige_420 Shefige_493 Shefige_525 Shefige_556 Shefige_564 Shefige_603 Shefige_614 Shefige_670 Shefige_716 Shefige_734 Shefige_816 Shefige_819 Shefige_827 Shefige_844 Shefige_846 Shefige_848 Shefige_858

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Photographer: Tanja Anisimova
MUAH:Darja Tamm

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